Texas: Bombed

Art979 Gallery @ The Village Downtown
Bryan, TX
September 2017

“Texas: Bombed” was an experimental 2D Art show I had at The Village Cafe in Bryan, TX.  Spawning from the idea that September 2017 was my three year anniversary of moving to Texas, I decided to do something unique and different to play off my oil paintings

​Utilizing photos I had taken of places in Bryan, Navasota and Houston, I wanted to pay homage to all the places that have had an impact on me during my time here by “yarn bombing” them.  Each photo was printed to 5×7 and then yarn ropes and balls were painted directly on top using gouache. 

50+ images were created and framed for this show, all placed along one of the main walls of the space.  When viewed together, there is an initial question of “why?” that later becomes clear when you see the rest of my oil paintings on the other walls.