Abstract Weaving

This current body of works is about juxtaposition, both literally and figuratively.  I have been a fiber artist for the past ten years, exploring the ideas of knitted sculptures and paintings with knitted elements.  I recently stumbled upon the craft of weaving and have fallen in love with the meditative nature of the process. 

Weaving dates as far back as 3400 B.C. and has a rich history within the textile and craft industry.  Acrylic pour painting, however, is a very recent craft, gaining popularity amongst the social media generation.  By putting these two elements together I am creating a dialogue about the contrast between this ancient craft and this modern marvel while also blurring the lines of historical context. Furthermore, I am choosing to use stark black and white against bright colors.  After creating my abstract acrylic pour paintings, I choose areas that I find ‘unsatisfactory’ and cut them out, leaving a space to weave back into. On the brightly colored canvases, I am weaving into areas with black, white, and gray, and vise versa on my black canvases.  Finally, by lining these canvases up next to each other, I can create a complete connection that allows for textures and shapes to flow between each.