Artist Statement

(Specifically referring to my 2023-24 works. All other pages have statements about the artwork at the time)

As a child, I found myself constantly interested in the imaginary worlds of books and animation, using them to transport myself out of the pains of real life.  As I grew up I found this same feeling when I began to learn to knit. Magically creating something from yarn and needles gave me a feeling that I hadn’t felt since my childhood: freedom.​

Today I am recreating these childhood worlds through my paintings of knitted forms within an imaginary environment. My works have evolved over time from creating surreal landscapes, forests, and waterscapes.  Specifically with the waterscapes I also began creating knitted forms that glowed from within, affecting the color and mood of the world around them.

Recently I found myself in a rut, exhausted of color and composition ideas within my waterscape paintings.  This led me back to the idea of the surreal landscape and things began to come together. I returned to my original inspiration from ten years ago but put a twist on it with the use of the glowing forms. The combination of these two things creates a new type of landscape with the glowing form becoming the character in my story and the viewers are left wondering where they are and what comes next.