“The EnchantKNIT Forest”

Regarding my “EnchantKNIT” Forest:

I am continuing to explore the creation of surrealistic landscapes with the inclusion of knitted objects. These objects have been known to range from the simple knitted ball to the more complex assemblage of knitted trees. Trees can be very whimsical forms with multiple contrasting elements and therefore lend themselves well to my knitted worlds.  Another factor currently at play is the allusion of space.  Within my most recent works I am creating worlds that bring about a floating, airy feeling to the viewer through clouded spaces and transparencies.  My hope is that these airy worlds will lend themselves to further travel within a world that can only be visited in one’s mind.

The nature of my art makes studio practice just as important as the final work, for in my studio I like to assemble actual knitted objects into a setup and then shine a colored light to get a mood. Working directly from this setup allows me to really see and feel the world that I am creating, allowing them to take on a meaning of their own.  By working this way my worlds are able to become much more believable to both myself and the viewer.

Small Landscapes on Wood

Created before I began experimenting with the tree concept, the above paintings are a continued exploration of my surreal landscapes, this time playing with painting on wood to see how I liked the surface.