2023 –

The Forbidden PlaKnit – an exploration of color and space.

Project statement:

As I was working on the “Music and Lyrics” series, I started to get bored. I was running out of color schemes and tired of painting ‘tide pools’, to the point where I just stopped painting.

Flash forward about six months. I hadn’t touched my paints at all during that time, work was taking over and I still had no ideas. A few things happened around the same time that brought me back. First, I sold one of my oldest and favorite paintings from my original landscape series. Then, a friend and fellow artist whom I really trust told me she would love to see me return to those landscapes. And finally, the opportunity to exhibit in a local teacher show came up and I knew I wanted new work.

This series came about from those three things. While I don’t have a title for this series yet, it is a return to the surreal landscapes that got me started ten years ago, but still using those glowing forms I have come to love. The combination of these two things creates a new type of landscape that has the viewer wondering just where they are and why they’re there. Furthermore, the glowing forms and light reflections really have your eyes traveling throughout the whole canvas.

Stay tuned for more amazing glowing landscapes!