Mantle Art Space, San Antonio
January 2017

Continuing the ideas from my last show, the installation at Mantle is a meant to be an immersive experience for the viewer. The large scale mural begins the journey, depicting an expansive waterscape with floated knitted balls. Extending off the wall and into the space are several large knitted balls, afloat in sketchy painted puddles. To complete the illusion, many balls are also falling from the ceiling.

Time lapse video of my large scale mural project.

To achieve the puddle effect for this show I decided to create white paper shapes to place on the ground. These shapes have the same brush strokes seen on the mural, and as such lend themselves to the idea that the mural is coming directly off the wall and into the space. When I think about it, the feel for this show is almost like something from a kids coloring book – messy, sketchy and creative. The way all the forms tie together truly lend themselves to creating an imaginary world.