Glowing Tidepools Series

Glowing Tidepools project statement:

What once began as a direct nod to the scenes from animated movies has since evolved into a deeper, bolder statement about memory, with the knitted balls acting as a visual representation.  By setting up a still life in my studio of knitted forms, fabrics, plastic wrap and colored light, I am able to use my imagination to create the watery landscape you see on the canvas. These landscapes create a discussion with the viewer about how new memories and experiences fall into our existence, some becoming important, while others start to lose significance until finally they just float away.

Floating Spaces Series

Floating Spaces project statement:

Within these works I am creating worlds that bring about a floating, airy feeling to the viewer through clouded spaces and transparencies. Placing the knitted forms within this space creates the illusion that these forms may not truly belong here – they’ve been dropped —  and therefore the space cannot exist within the realm of reality, but instead have been created by one’s mind.