A Stitch in Time

Full Room Installation 
Art of War – Bryan, TX

About a year and a half ago I began experimenting with bringing this idea of knitted memory into the three-dimensional space.  I started knitting large spheres that were then stiffened and placed on top of a light fixture.  These large spheres had smaller spheres attached, creating molecular looking sculptures that, to me, represented the ideas of thought and memory.  Through the success of this project, I then began to create even larger spheres with stitch patterns that represented how a specific day in my life went, also placing these on top of lights.  While I was able to tell my story in these lantern-forms, I knew that there had to be more to this.

Last Christmas I received a small box from my brother and his wife: a card game titled “Rememory”.  While at first, I thought “great another game I have no one to play with…”, on the drive back to Texas I realized I didn’t need anyone but myself to use this game.  Inside this box was a deck of cards, each with prompts, meant to spark memories and discussions. So then, why couldn’t I use it for my own personal reflection? An idea was born on that drive, an idea that has shaped the project you see before you.

Throughout the course of this year I have sat down every night, picked a card from the box, and written down the first memory that has come to mind.  These memories are then translated into three-dimensional art through the creation of small knitted spheres.  Each sphere has a stitch pattern that represents each memory; some have words, some hearts, some just random holes.  Some are small – memories with little significance – while some are large – memories I hold dear.