“Music and Lyrics”

Project statement:

This new body of artwork all began with the current fad that is sweeping social media: Disney’s “Encanto”. My works have always had a tie to the animated worlds of movies, TV and books, but recently had begun to step away from this concept. With this series, I am returning to these roots by exploring the colors and lyrics of some of the most “iconic” Disney songs.

The first three paintings in this series, all inspired by songs from “Encanto” are explorations of the prominent colors featured in musical scenes of this movie. By taking a deep dive into these scenes, I am able to explore new colors and compositions that directly nod back to some of my favorite moments.

Finally, I am choosing to title the artwork with three words from the lyrics of each song. While the final titles may not make sense to the anyone not in the know, the Disney musical fan will catch this connection and enjoy listening to the lyrics in their head!

Stay tuned – I have plans to explore songs from the Lion King, Tangled and more coming soon!